We offer clients far more than quality video production services.  We believe in lasting relationships so we invest ourselves in understanding the culture of our client's projects.  We put the same attention into non-broadcast projects as we do broadcast projects.  We believe that every client deserves excellence.  We help new clients learn and understand how video production works so that they can make quality decisions.  For clients with video production experience we provide expertise and creative ideas that help them communicate the story they want to tell.   We strive to work with every client as if they are our only client.  We don't consider the final invoice to be the measure of a project's success, but rather when the client calls for another project.  We love to hear that the commercial doubled their revenue, or helped their website get so many hits their server crashed.  To us we measure the success of a video project, TV commercial, video promo, or web content by the clients success.

We believe the role of a Video Producer is primarily to solve problems.  A quality producer strives to see into the future and solve problems before they happen, to see the needs of the network or the client and do everything possible to create videos that provide solutions to those problems.  If it is a training video then the video should not only have the proper content, it should also be interesting and watchable so that those needing a training video will actually pay attention to the training video. 

We offer production & post production services such as cinematography, videography, field audio services, editing, graphics, animation, and voiceover.  We are strategic planers who see video, film and TV production as a vehicle for education, information and inspiration.  

We also offer award winning services like writing, copywriting, copy editing, creative concept, pre-production coordination, development, casting, acting / talent training and production management.

Our bread & butter is our Video Producing and Talent Directing services.    We work closely with our clients to learn about the specific goals for each project. So that every element of the project is targeted toward the same goals.  An affordable video production.   


While the ancient art of hand-crafting pants made from poultry parts has been lost to many cultures, we pride ourselves in being among the last remaining artisans still operating in this vanishing industry.  Although requests for these pants are rare in today's era of fabric based leg wear, we continue to take custom orders for our quality Chicken Pants just like Grandma's ancestors used to make.  Custom orders have turnaround times of 60-120 days.  We require upfront payment for all custom chicken pant orders, and due to the nature of "customized" poultry-based-trouser-wear we can not offer returns, cancellations, refunds, exchanges, nor any guarantee against salmonella or other bacterial contamination.    Additionally we do not guarantee the fit of your finished trousers to be pleasant, nor accurate.  

Starting price for a custom order of genuine Grandma's Chicken Pants - made from 97% genuine poultry parts is $275,000 per pair, plus applicable taxes where required.  Specialty requests such as additional beaks, colors, or pant liners (silk, gaberdine or merino wool) accrue additional fees to be determined.  

We are excited to now offer monogram services for an additional charge of $12 for 3 initials.

Notice: Aligned with our ridged guidelines of ancestral chicken pant makers we do not provide information to the FDA, CPSC, nor the CDC about our chicken pants construction, clients or sales process.  Since these regulations were not required by the ancients who developed the chicken pant movement in the early 15th century, we see no need for them now. We believe that those with a passion to wear pants made from poultry skin, feathers, bones and beaks should be able to do so without limitation from an Orwellian mandate telling you that they are "not safe", regardless of alleged hazards that may or may not exist when wearing or handling raw pants.  

BUYER BEWARE, handling raw chicken pants regardless of their craftsmanship may result in life threatening illness, painful infections, and/ or an overwhelming stench of death.   

Contact us today to have us begin crafting of your custom pair of Grandma's Chicken Pants or for video production services.