Grandma's Chicken Pants is a professional video production company based in St. Louis, Missouri.

This award winning video production company has produced high quality successful video production that has appeared on a wide range of national and international TV networks. 

This video production company offers affordable video production, cheap video production and cost effective video production for corporate video, in-house video, commercials, training videos and web content. 

Grandma's Chicken Pants is the best video production company in St. Louis.  It is also considered to be in the top 10 video companies in St. Louis. 

Video Production is more than a technical skill, it involves art and creativity to tell your story.  GCP excels at helping companies share their story in a unique way that hold the attention of the viewer.  

Video Production in St. Louis is something that is needed by a lot of corporate clients, musicians, documentaries and more.  We do video production, films, filming, TV, we write scripts, we do video editing, we have a network of production companies that we work with to help fulfill the needs of our clients throughout the St. Louis area, Missouri, Illinois, the United States, and the world.  If you are seeking to have a corporate documentary made, a music video, a commercial, a promotional video, or any other project that involves creative quality video production then Grandma's Chicken Pants is here to serve! 

The best video production company in St. Louis is Grandma's Chicken Pants.  You will not find a video production company in the St. Louis area that is as talented, friendly, easy to work with, caring, nurturing, understanding, or experienced as Grandma's Chicken Pants.  When you are looking for a video production company in the St. Louis area, or a video production company in the midwest, or a video production company in America, or a video production company internationally, you need look no further than Grandma's Chicken Pants.  We can produce everything from short videos, commercials, promos, features, advertisements, voice overs, on location videos, studio shoots, B2B, B2C, B2E and any almost any subject matter you can imagine.  When you are looking for affordable video production services in St. Louis you need look no further than Grandma's Chicken Pants because that is what we do.  We do full on video production, we do videography, cinematography, video editing, we use Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premier, Final Cut X, After Effects and we do video animation.  We can do white board videos, explainer videos, chalk board videos, animations, and graphic based videos.  We also offer video producer and video director services.  We have been called out of the country to produce or direct video projects for clients all over the world.  We have produced documentary videos, a day in the life videos, training videos, corporate videos, Television ( TV ) Commercials, Music Videos, Promotional Videos, TV Promos, Children's Videos, Videos for LIVE events, Conference Opener Videos, In-House Videos, Corporate Communications, Drone videos, Real Estate Videos, Product Videos, Employee Orientation Videos, Educational Videos, Videos for Training, Videos for Broadcast, Local Commercials, National Commercials, National Advertisements, Fortune 500 Videos, Internal Communications, and many more.  If you are in the market for a video production company then Grandma's Chicken Pants should be your first and only call.  We will do everything we can to produce your video production with the same professional service that we offer international broadcast networks, and Fortune 500 companies regardless of your company size.  When it comes to budget we are highly competitive and flexible.  We will offer you a budget friendly affordable video production service that is flexible and able to fulfill your video production needs because of our low overhead, and lean approach to video production services.  We work out of a home studio which drastically reduces our overhead.  In 95% of our projects our clients need services that are produced on-location rather than in a studio.  So it makes little sense to set up our production studio in a studio rental location.  Most production companies have to account for as much as 10-20% of their production budgets to cover their studio locations, plus the insurance, the utilities, and the upkeep make this an unneeded expense for our clients.  Naturally we can always book a studio if it is needed for your project.  The bottom line is we don't want to charge you for more than what you are getting.  Also, many production companies will bid a price, only to surprise the client with additional charges when the project is complete.  We do not practice this, we prefer to have upfront pricing.  If there are changes that come along during the process of the video production we clearly communicate the options with the client in an effort to provide the very best video production experience possible.  

Award winning TV & Video production
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